I will do my best to teach you everything I've learned about personal finances, budgeting, and saving money.

Welcome to Master Your Family Money!

I'm Anders and I'm an ordinary guy who love to help other people with things I know. My greatest interest, or passion is my family, but I also have a huge interest in money, finances, and websites. 

I decided to combine those interests and that's how and why this website was born.

This blog is a resource for families who need to learn about budgeting, saving, planning, and handling their money.

I firmly believe that to be able to teach someone else you only need to be a few steps ahead. That's why I feel I'm qualified to share with others what I've learned about money, budgeting, and personal finances over the years.

Why learn money management?

Here's why I write about it

As I look around me today, a lot of the families have some sort of financial issue, in my opinion. One that is common is the paycheck to paycheck situation. The family is doing ok, but the situation doesn't allow them to build any buffer, or emergency fund if you will. In that situation, saving money isn't an option either.

There are families and individuals who are much worse off than that too. People who live with crushing debt and really struggle. 

My goal is to contribute to my community with what I've learned about money management, budgeting, and saving money, as well as making money. I aim to help people understand money better and make their days a little better. If I can do that, I'm happy.

I also want to help families teach their children about money and finances. This is to help get a higher understanding of how personal finances work in a more long game kind of way.

how do you begin saving money?

What can you do right now to handle your money?

If you've read any book on personal finances, there are a few things that show up over and over. The first thing is budgeting. I believe that there's a reason for this. Budgeting might be boring, but it's a powerful tool to help you with your finances.

I written rather extensive posts about budgeting too and I will list them here in the order it makes sense to go through them.

How To Budget And Feel In Control Of Your Money - A guide on how to set a budget up and get started.
4½ Systems That Will Help You Budget, Even if You Hate It - Well, different systems for budgeting.
How To Prepare Your Family For Expenses Of The Irregular Kind - If you have expenses that happens now and then.

These posts cover budgeting more than anything else and should get you started. I want to mention that I've also created a freee ecourse on how to get started with budgeting. The system in the course is the same our family use which helps us save between 50-70% of our income each month. If you're interested in getting my advice in your inbox for a few weeks, you can sign up below.

What about the children's money?

Why teach children about money?

I appreciate that the parents in the families wants to learn more about money. It will of course benefit the entire family. One of the best benefits is that the parents can then teach their children about money. I love the concept of financial literacy. It's just as important to teach your children as reading and writing, as in "ordinary" literacy.

Because I feel this way, I've written a bunch of articles to help parents teach their children about money. In other words, to help increase their finacial literacy.

How To Make Your Kids Aware Of What Money Is - How do you explain money to your children?
Why Do You Need To Teach Your Kids Financial Literacy - Why it's important to learn financial literacy.
How To Use A Chore Chart And Why They Help - An alternative to giving an allowance. 

These posts are a good place to start teaching your kids about money and help them understand finances. Teaching children about money early in life will help them later too.

Side hustle - make more money.

Increasing your income

If you want to get a better situation financially in your family, it might be a good idea to look into increasing your income. I have recently started writing about how to possibly make more money.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money - You can make money blogging, but it's more about helping people. 

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You need to learn money management but don't know where to start? I put together this list of articles that is a good way to begin.